Easy Operation, Fast Action!

All transactions with eHesApp; you can integrate with all banking systems securely, quickly and easily at international standards and automate your banking transactions up to 98%.

How to start using the App?

creating a profile in the application and linking up all your accounts; you can access and control them easily.


To use eHesApp and set up the bank; you will need to select a bank and request an IP address, using your authorized signatory, you will need to apply for “Online Account Transactions and Web Service Application” .

Log in

Define the "username", "password" and, if given, "url" and "account number" that are transmitted to you by the applied bank on eHesApp. Fill in interactive form with your account’s numbers.

IP Address

Refer to your bank branch together with the Ip address and authorized application form provided to you in step 1 in order to apply for "Online Account Transactions Web Service Application" you will need to individually apply online.


You can overview the accounts that you specified during the application immediately after adding the bank and taking the first action in your account.

Account Management All in One!

Overwiew, report, track and take action from the same page simultaneously.

How to Transfer Money?

You can securely arrange all your transactions by linking up all your accounts to the application.

Step 1

You need to define payment instruction from your mobile phone or ERP to be able to review all your accounts on the same screen. It facilitates choosing and transfering money to or from your accounts to other recipients.

Step 2

Payment confirmation: released transactions are signed electronically. Your payment instructions that are created from other departments of your company or that are repeated for specific periods are also signed with the approval flow and are transmitted to the bank.

Step 3

Fund transaction: The bank that receives the payment instruction with electronic signature, performs the transfers.

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