e-Payment System

Our Electronic Payment (e-Payment) System solution offers you the facility to manage all the given instructions of in-house payments in the ERP system! Some of the advantages of the e-Payment System;

Advantages of the e-Payment System

Thanks to the advantages of the e-Payment System;

Fast Process Automation

With the Full-Time Assistance of eHesApp, you can review, report, track and even arrange fund transactions/EFT orders to all your bank and pos accounts simultaneously by using a single mobile application. You can integrate all banking systems securely, quickly and easily at international standards and automate your banking transactions up to 98%.

Practical Signature

The signing system used in this system which is known as e-signature or mobile signature, is the Practical Signature infrastructure of eHesApp in the background. Thanks to our Practical Signature solution offered as part of the e-Payment solution, you can automate your e-signature and mobile signature processes. Some of the eHesApp products with Practical Signature;

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