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Being involved in complicated account and banking management of holdings, Joint Stock Company, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs, eHesApp offers an integrated, reliable and fast account management services that are empowered by new generation technology. through eHesApp ministration, banking services can be accessed online using the SAP system. All the services including daily account transactions and bank statement can be viewed and controlled on the same interface.

eHesApp integrates the banking services offered by its contracted banks the number of which are increasing significantly. It integrates your company system and facilitate and atomize it by using its own interface. You can safely perform your transactions on the web or mobile by eHesApp digital banking products. Don't worry about complex accounting processes with system integration!

Fast Process Automation

With the Full-Time Assistance of eHesApp, you can review, report, track and even arrange fund transactions/EFT orders to all your bank and pos accounts simultaneously by using a single mobile application. You can integrate all banking systems securely, quickly and easily at international standards and automate your banking transactions up to 98%.

Advantagesof using eHesApp


(eHesApp Statement, e-Payment System, Online DBS, Pos Collection, Pos Reporting and Reconciliation)

eHesApp Statement

You can take advantage of eHesApp online statement service that is among our eHesApp digital banking solutions, to speed up your accounting processes. Make the most of eHessApp statement advantages:

SAP Entegrasyonu Nasıl Yapılır

e-Payment System

Our Electronic Payment (e-Payment) System solution offers you the facility to manage all the given instructions of in-house payments in the ERP system! Some of the advantages of the e-Payment System;

Online DBS

DBS, also known as Disclosure and Barring Service, is a fast and guaranteed cash management service that enables companies with a wide range of customers or dealers, to whom they sell goods and services, to automatically issue invoices for goods and services. Take advantage of Online DBS, which is among the products of eHesApp, now!

Pos Collection

Speed up your payment transactions with our POS Collection solution, also known as virtual pos is one of our eHesApp digital banking products! Make the most from the advantages of POS Collection;

Pos Reporting and Reconciliation

Through Pos Reporting and Reconciliation service, we offer within the field of open banking; Instantly observe the transactions of all POS, including virtual POS and physical POS devices! By taking advantage of our Pos Reporting and Reconciliation service;

Easy & Reliable

With its simple interface and effective and understandable menu tool, eHesApp is really easy to access and use. logging in to eHesApp with your password, you can easily access your current financial status, pos accounts, foreign currency accounts, recent account activities, instant reports and individual bank balances.

Integrated Systems with eHesApp

eHesApp's products that provide speed and automation for companies provide full integration with SAP Screens.

Accounting Processes with eHesApp

eHesApp products also speed up your operation in accounting records:

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